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Pigeon Control Kent.

Pigeon Control Kent for domestic and commercial premises.

Pigeon Control Kent install bird deterrents for all types of pest pigeon problems at your domestic or commercial property.

We cover all Kent towns and other surrounding counties including Surrey, Sussex and London.

We have many years of experience as bird pest control technicians having worked on many bird control installations to get rid of pest pigeons using a variety of control methods that are humane, long lasting and effective.

We can install anti roosting spikes to stop pigeons from landing on window ledges, roof edges, downpipes and other structures.

The most widely used bird deterrent is pigeon control netting which can be installed anywhere that pest pigeons are nesting or causing damage.

We can install pigeon control netting to protect many types of different structures, voids and egresses.

We can also install zips or clips to allow access should there be a need for maintenance, repairs or bulb changing.

With the advent of solar panels pigeons have found a new home!

We can install solar panel protection to prevent pigeons from moving in under your solar panels.

The system we install is effective immediately and will last for many years.

Pigeon Netting

Pigeon Control Netting Installation Kent

Pigeon Spikes

Pigeon anti roosting spikes

Solar Panel Protection

Solar Panel Protection against pigeons

Pigeon Waste Cleaning

Pigeon droppings waste cleaning

Using Pigeon Control Kent.

Our pigeon control technicians are fully insured.

All work is carried out in line with DEFRA and Natural England guidelines.

We guarantee all pest pigeon control work in Kent for 12 months.

Pigeon control deterrents.

We can install a range of good quality and long lasting bird deterrents to ensure your pigeon problem goes away.

  • Pigeon Netting Installations
  • Solar Panel Protection
  • Pigeon Anti-Roost Spike
  • Post and Wire Systems
  • Electronic Bird Deterrents
  • Bird Free Optical Fire Gel
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