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Pigeon droppings cleaning service in Kent.

Pigeon waste cleaning is an essential part of the pest pigeon control service we provide across Kent and the south east.

We strongly recommend that bird waste cleaning is carried out prior to any installation of pigeon netting or pigeon anti roosting spikes.

Bird dropping cleaning is best left to the professionals. We will provide a full report on our findings and recommend the safest and best way to remove bird droppings.

We can furnish you with risk assessments and method statements (RAMS) prior to carrying out bird waste cleaning in Kent.

All staff wear the correct Personal Protective Equiptment, (PPE) and respiratory protection.

We use specialist cleaning solutions that is both powerful and effective against bacteria or fungal build up. This will kill off the bacteria and other related diseases associated with pigeon droppings.

Bird poo cleaning Kentpigeon waste removal from balcony

Find out more here about the problems caused by pest pigeons.

Great care is taken to ensure pigeon droppings (guano) are contained and removed carefully.

Once the waste cleaning has been completed you may want to consider pigeon control deterrents being installed to prevent further infestation.

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