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Pigeon netting installations in Kent.

Pigeon netting is both long lasting and effective.

To control problems with pigeons at your premises in Kent we can install bird control netting to get rid of pest pigeons.

Pigeon netting is a widely used deterrent and fitted correctly it willPigeon Netting Installation Kent prevent pest birds from entering areas of the property and landing or nesting on roofs, balconies, egresses and voids, building fronts and ledges.

The advantage of pigeon netting is that it can expand and cover a wide surface area and is a cost effective method of pigeon control in Kent.

We guarantee a professional installation to ensure there is no repeat of infestation from pigeons to your premises.

Pigeon netting installations for properties in Kent.

We will carry out a full site survey to determine the best approach to installing pigeon netting.

Netting comes in a variety of colours including black, stone and translucent/white to compliment the building we install netting on.

Pigeon control netting KentTo allow access we can install net zips to allow for access where maintenance or repairs are needed.

We can also install net clips to allow access to change lightbulbs or access control switches.

Pigeon control netting is rot proof, meaning it will last for many years and is also fire deterrent.

Additional pigeon control deterrents.

To ensure a successful installation of the netting it may be necessary to install additional products such as anti roosting spikes to prevent birds from gaining access or landing on ledges.


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