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Pigeon Spikes Installation Kent.

Anti roosting spikes prevent pest pigeons from landing or roosting.

Pigeon spikes are an effective and discreet method of pigeon control which we install in a variety of situations to prevent pigeons fromPigeon Spike Installation Kent landing or nesting.

They are designed to protect buildings discreetly without causing any harm to pigeons or other types of birds.

Pigeon spikes will stop birds from landing on shop signs, window ledges/sills or from perching on roof edges.

With specially adapted clips we can install spikes to gutters and windows where ventilation or access/exit is required.

Pigeon Spike Systems.

Pigeon control spikes KentAnti-roosting pigeon spikes are installed in strips along affected areas where pigeons are causing a nuisance.

They are made either from toughened polycarbonate or stainless steel and can withstand weathering and UV light.

From a distance you cannot see pigeon spikes.

The most common ones we install are clear which blend with the building so as not to be an eyesore.

Pigeon spikes can be installed on virtually any surface including metal, masonry, brick or plastic using industry standard gel or screws.

Advantages of pigeon spikes.

Bird spikes do not harm pigeons but will change their habits
Stop birds from landing on ledges and roof edges
Metal or clear plastic available
Long lasting and discreet
Cost effective bird control
Instant results.

If you have a problem with pest pigeons on your property get in touch today. Call 01233 500332 or 07802 270407 to find out more about out pigeon spike installations.

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